Places to go for indoor climbing (boulder) in Lisbon

9 11 2014

Hey there!

For those who don’t know, this year (2014), two new public places opened their doors for indoor training. These are specially designed for bouldering, and came to address a long-term unfufilled need of a place to train when the weather or the free time are incompatible to go rock climbing.

We still need a proper place to train for sport climbing with a rope (…anyone? 😉 ), but after such a long time without any public place to go for and train, I’m not going to complain too much. 🙂

I’m not going to stress the pro’s and con’s of each place as these are both very worthwhile a visit and they are both managed by friends (and I want to keep this status quo 😉 ).

Were goes the free publicity:

Vertical Wall

Rua de Angola, Edifício Lobo, 1º Frente 2620-036 Olival Do Basto, Lisboa
Address for the GPS: Rua Heróis de Chaimite, Olival Do Basto, Lisboa
Telm: +351 92 682 8307


Address: Avenida Infante Dom Henrique, Edifício Beira Rio, Fracção S, 1950-408 Lisboa
GPS: N38º44´22,3´´ W9º 6´8´´
Telm: +351 96 789 01 79

See you there! Cheers.



New video, old send & another happy repeat

4 11 2014

Repeting the send of UHU (8a), a climbing route at the main sector @ Fenda (Portinho da Arrábida – Setubal, Portugal). An old classic very worthwhile to repeat.

It’s a powerful and yet also technical climb, with a lot of slopers and with a very small hold (with a depth of around 0.4 cm) – in the middle of the route. This move – which can be identified when my right elbow points to the sky, for a few seconds 🙂 – opens up the difficulty of resisting a sequence of balancing moves on “not so good” holds.

Enjoy, cheers!

Climbing weekend

10 10 2014

Hello there,

Lately I’ve been gradually improving my fitness level (currently half way) and have been able to maintain a climbing afternoon every weekend. Not too bad considering my family & work context!

At my favorite climbing spot I don’t have so many easy routes to try anymore – besides repeating old ones. Some of the older routes I’ve climbed a long time ago, so I’ve been trying to repeat some of those, during the weekend, and doing those I recall using different holds & methods. Sometimes I get surprised on how a route can be done doing a crux when completely ignoring the standard beta… It kind of opens my eyes on how to approach onsight climbing! “It doesn’t have to be perfect, sufficient it’s usually enough!”

A very nice climbing crew, from Austria and Germany, joined me and Jonas (a friend), on one of our latest climbing weekends, and beside their sympathy, one of them was a photographer and offered me these photos:




Photos by: Fabian Hochheimer (Thanks man!)

Route: Espírito Matemático – 7c+/8a @ Fenda (Portugal)



Lisbon Climbing Tours

11 09 2014





Weekend @ Hoya Moros – July 2014

30 07 2014

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Climbers in action: Gonçalo Franco, Tiago Sales, Sara Gonçalves, Aysen Gül, Ana Patrícia, Hugo Peniche, Ricardo Miguel.

How does a climbing day sound?

29 07 2014

IFSC Boulder World Cup Innsbruck 2014

20 05 2014

After watching this competition I must say the star of the event was Rustam Gelmanov.
What is your take on it?

Highlights (as I see it)

11:00 – “Yes I can”

40:40 – “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees I can”