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Diver: Marcelo

DWS Cabo Espichel – 7/2010 – (El Dourado Sector)

What’s the risk of going on a DWS climbing day

Risk exists if results are not certain …

Thus, lets examine two situations of our latest DWS climbing day:

– Passing a red light with the local police (GNR) behind you (when you know they are there).

Analysis: No risk there! You know it is certain that they will stop you for the ticket!

– Entering the water when the ocean doesn’t want you to.

Analysis: No risk there, also! It is certain that things can’t go right. (see photos below)

– “I have an idea! Lets enter the water using Abel (the boat) as a surf board! We run holding it and then, we all jump at the same time inside the boat!”…

Crash test dummys: Pedro, Ricardo  Belchior and João Gaspar.

Ups! How likely would it be that three of us would fall at the same time? Ok, pretty likely, but never the less we weren’t expecting it so early! 🙂

And now the consequences of the mistake…

Auch! Pretty close!

Uff! Safe again!

– Sandra and Dulce: “ahahahhaah, they made it!”

Camera: Miguel Loureiro.


DWS in Cabo Espichel – October 2009

Perfect weather and best water temperatura ever 20º!!

Next some photos of this very nice event.

Climbers in the photos:

White shorts long hair: Nicolas Favresse

Red Shorts: Miguel Loureiro

Blue Shorts: Miquel “Balboa”

Neoprene  Vest: Ricardo Belchior

Photos: Cristiana Matos & Ricardo Belchior


The “€180” boat finally got a name: “ABEL”


Next Route: “Lambujinha Orgásmica” 7c?







Next Route: “Sonhos de um Faquir” 7b+?


Route: “Proa Belga” 7a+? (Nico please say something if you want to change it)




Sector: “Baia das proas“?





Photos by Teresa Leal

Great fun as usual!

Winners of the day

Best move of the day

–  hanging upside down, only with the feet, 10m from the water – Ricardo Belchior (in the Blue shirt)

Best red point & best jump

– first repetition of Gaspar’s amazing 15m route “todo lá dentro” from which he jumped from (scary) – Miguel Loureiro (in the Red shorts)

Worst fall

– a 10m splash by João Gaspar (in the Blue shorts)













Temperatures in Portugal haven’t been the same as they were in recent years and, maybe for that, this year people haven’t been so interested in deep water soloing has they already have been… Nevertheless, last weekend we went for it!

The boat trip began in Sesimbra and ended at Pinheirinhos bay. The tide was at its highest and the air temperature was low (around 25º) but, as the water was not much colder (around 18º), it became a very good day to fall (maybe that’s why we’ve fallen in the harder climbs 😉 ).

The climbing team (climbers and logistics personal) was great, and included myself (Ricardo Belchior), João Gaspar, Teresa and Cristiana. And, when this team is together in high tide conditions be assured that fun it’s garanteed…


Here is some info:

The topo from the “Reis Magos” sector and its 3 routes (I have the FA for these 3):

A couple of nice photos taken from the First Ascent of Incenso 7a/b…

Photos: João Gaspar

Greetings and great climbs



Dia 3 de Setembro de 2006 – Considerado o melhor dia de Psico-Bloco no Cabo Espichel

Muito coisa se fez, muita mais ficou por fazer…
Grande ambiente em todos os sentidos

Ricardo Belchior

Miguel Loureiro

Ricardo Belchior

Ricardo Belchior

João Gaspar

Miguel Loureiro


Miguel Loureiro

A turma do dia

Pois é… o Paulo Frescata a Teresa e a Daniela também foram, mas o primeiro voava muito rápido e elas acharam mais piada à natação e aos percebes 😉



4 responses

24 04 2015

Hey Ricardo,

For this DWS were you using leather upper-soled shoes? I only have one pair with me and don´t want to ruin them, but I really would like to check these routes out.


24 04 2015

Hey Keenan,

I have had no problems to report!
If your shoes are like mine they will resist! I strongly advise you to put them into tap water after, as the salt might make some damage!
Other than that, your feet will get a nice colour from your shoes LOL

26 06 2017
The Armchair Traveller

Hey! Your blog is really helpful and fun to go through 🙂 I am looking for some DWS spots around Peniche but it’s hard to find any detailed info on routes there/access! Do you happen to have any tips or suggestions for websites for more info? Thanks!! Leigh

26 06 2017

Hey there!
I’m sorry Leigh. I saw your post on facebook, but I have no info regarding that area. Only about the areas south of Lisbon.
Hopefully, someone knows and will reply to your post on that group.
Best of Luck.

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