AC Separation Recovery: Dog Bone™ Button Technique (Arthrex)

15 02 2018

Hey guys,

After 5 months without rock climbing I though maybe there is some other unfortunate climber,  out there, with an acromioclavicular (AC) separation, and who needs some information on what to expect from his/her recovery.

Making a long story short, I fell during a road bicycle ride and got an AC separation (Grade 3). See the video below to add some color to the story, if you want.

I am now six month on my recovery, post crash & surgery and here are some key milestones of this journey:

If this is useful for you and you want some extra info on my recovery let me know. I’ll be glad to help!

About the dog bone procedure… if you don’t value shoulder aesthetics and carrying a backpack is not common, it is probably a good technique.





5 responses

7 10 2018

When can i reasonably expect to do a pushup after the dogbone procedure? I used to do 50 pushups continuously in a set.

7 10 2018

Hey there,
Follow your doctors and FT directions and listen to your body.
I also found this useful:
After 4 months I could do my first pushup with the body at 45º (much less than the regular push-up, but a good progression exercise). After 5 months I could do, for the first time 20 regular push-ups. But be aware that controlling for you body weight will be very important, so that the exercise is not so hard.
Hope all works out well for you

12 10 2018

Thanks a lot. So pushups are alright if the body allows right? And it wont cause the surgical procedure to fail or anything right?

12 10 2018

Start with laying on the ground, facing the ceiling, and mimic the push up exercise with weights.
When you are comfortable with, say… 6kg x 50 reps, try to go to the push-up position at 45º (hands 1m from the ground and feet on the ground).
When you can do 20, like that, and no problems doing planks…
You can just try to do a negative push-up (start high and try to control descending).
Then, you will know when it’s time to good to a full push-up routine.

Please note: I am not a doctor, or anything like that, so, ask for professional advice. You are responsible for your own actions! This is just my best advice, given my experience.

Best of luck

13 10 2018

Thanks a lot. Much appreciated!

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