Climbing weekend

10 10 2014

Hello there,

Lately I’ve been gradually improving my fitness level (currently half way) and have been able to maintain a climbing afternoon every weekend. Not too bad considering my family & work context!

At my favorite climbing spot I don’t have so many easy routes to try anymore – besides repeating old ones. Some of the older routes I’ve climbed a long time ago, so I’ve been trying to repeat some of those, during the weekend, and doing those I recall using different holds & methods. Sometimes I get surprised on how a route can be done doing a crux when completely ignoring the standard beta… It kind of opens my eyes on how to approach onsight climbing! “It doesn’t have to be perfect, sufficient it’s usually enough!”

A very nice climbing crew, from Austria and Germany, joined me and Jonas (a friend), on one of our latest climbing weekends, and beside their sympathy, one of them was a photographer and offered me these photos:




Photos by: Fabian Hochheimer (Thanks man!)

Route: Espírito Matemático – 7c+/8a @ Fenda (Portugal)






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