My best performance to date

14 07 2012

Without any surprise (due to my lack of training) I just made my best performance to date on my MTBike!

I just beat my previews speed record (on a descent – of course) from 73 kph (3 years ago in Austria) to a hopping 83 kph just next my home place!
During this time of the year, because of the Tour de france, I remember I have a bike and take it to the road… This year, the debut was today!

For those who think that this speed is not that much, I can tell you that though I usually exit my garage (riding my motorcycle) at higher speeds (LOL) this speed on a mountain bike with slick tires seems close enough to MACH 1. In fact, now that I think about it, if someone would shout something at me, at that particular time, I’m pretty sure I would not ear it… Yep, I can see now that my true speed must have been over MACH1 during those few (very long seconds)! The GPS speed could not be that low! 🙂

Facing some head wind during the first part of the 34km course, the average speed was just over 20 kph.  As the biking season progresses, I hope my maximum speeds will decrease and that my average speeds can move on the opposite direction. 😉

Here’s the GPS summary:

Happy and fast bike climbs.





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