Red River Gorge (Kentucky)

17 11 2011

Two days and a half climbing on one of the best places I’ve ever visited for overhanging climbing…

My list of climbs from the weekend:

Day 1 (Midnight Surf): 5.11c F / 5.12b RP/  “Cell Block Six” 5.12c F

Day 2 (Driveby and BobMarley): 5.12b F/ 5.11d OS / “Blood Bath” 5.12c OS

Day 3 (Motherload): “40 Ounces Of Justice” 5.13a RP, 35m


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3 responses

18 11 2011
Rui Rosado

The pizza looked tasty!:)
Enjoy Yourself!

18 11 2011

That Pizza was so good (Miguel’s Place) that, in the second night, we were supposed to cook our own food and we just couldn’t!

That place is really Awesome! 😉

What about ice climbing in Portugal? Has the season started already?
(Yesterday when I returned home from college, by bike, it was -2 C!!



21 11 2011
Rui Rosado

No, just the rain season!

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