Titanium Bolts… the best choice for Portuguese Cliffs?

3 06 2011

Check the following report about Thailand’s (re)equipment:




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3 06 2011
Rui Rosado

Titanium in Portugal would be a giant quantum leap. We are still on fase 1 of the route bolting process:
fase 1. bolt route with affordable bolt
dase2. see bolts getting rust day after day.
fase3. rebolt with stainless stell
fase4. see stainlees stell bolt pop off (ex. sagres, cabo da roca)
fase 5. rebolt with titanium ( if afordable by portuguese economy , dream on dreamer!!!)

Solutions: go solo climb or trad climb or even continue to climb as usual, wathever kills you first.

3 06 2011

This short sighted view is problematic in more than one way…
– It requeries rebolting more often.
– If rebolted, the routes begin to have more steel than rock.
– The need to rebolt routes may not be apparent, before it is too late.
– etc, etc…
If possible (i.e. with other climbers support) I would be tempted to bolt the belay stations of the Fojo multipich route with this titanium gear!

3 06 2011
Rui Rosado

I think your effort would be more welcome rebolting Fenda (your usual crag) than routes that are done one time every decade. The money would be more well spent.

7 12 2011

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26 01 2013
Martin Roberts

I can supply you with reasonably priced Titanium bolts, you’re welcome to email me at martroberts At HoTmAiL d o t cOm

25 11 2013
Martin Roberts

The worlds first certified Titanium climbing bolts can now be bought at http://www.titanclimbing.com

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