Climbing… a wasted existence!?

2 06 2011

Inspired by this next words that were brought to my attention by Mário Pulquério…

“Andy Kirkpatrick said it best when he said something about how climbing is
totally pointless; the point in it is to end up exactly where you are stood at
the start via the hardest possible route. In any other sport or, indeed, life
venture, this would be seen as complete stupidity.”

I say this:

As time goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer that climbing is all about me (us climbers) being happy and no one and nothing else (at best, sometimes it can be entertaining for other who see us…). It feels great, but imagine we all only climbed… beside the point that it is not sustainable, it would be absolutely egocentric and without any real contribution to the world we live in… what a wasted existence!





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2 06 2011
Mário Pulquério

Esse Pulpério deve ser um gajo muita porreiro!!!


2 06 2011

Não só é um gajo porreiro, como, ultimamente, tem sido das pessoas que mais tem despertado a minha reflexão sobre temas relevantes…
(… Curiosamente, esse despertar tem-se iniciado sob a forma de uma evidente discordância! LOL)

2 06 2011

…sem dúvida um gajo porreiro (já para não falar das lesões). A propósito do texto, se é que percebi o que lá vem, para mim o melhor da festa é mesmo durante a subida, tentando superar os desafios que deparamos durante a progressão numa via.

3 06 2011
Rui Rosado

Dear Teresa

Mister Andy Kirkpatrick suffers from an accute climbing sindrome of “Pescadinha de Rabo na Boca”. Unfortunatly he is right.
But Misters Belchior reflexion is also right: climbing is just all about ME, as everything else in live. But he is wrong on one thing, climbing doesnt make you happy, it make you suffer, fell miserable and even sometimes cry and its all one big excuse to drink beer. Dont let yourself get illuded on anything else!
have a great LIVER! (yes i mean figado)
Rui Rosado

3 06 2011
Mário Pulquério

Aaah Rosado, o teu post seria muito melhor se tivesses tentado traduzir “Pescadinha de Rabo na Boca” para inglês…

3 06 2011
Maria João

😀 interesting topic!

So, ricardo, would you agree that meditation is a waste of time? or is art a waste of time?

and rosado – I don’t drink beer… what a F@#% waste of climbing!

3 06 2011

Being happy is not a waste of time! Not for yourself and also not for anyone who is around you (it’s good to be around people in a good mood)…
But, if this is the only thing you do or, if this is the most time consuming activity you do… Yes, in my view it is a waste of time!

(Traduzindo para Português: Sim, devias ter deixado o segundo espermatozoide mais rápido passar-te à frente – LOL)!


3 06 2011
Maria João

em relação aos espermatozoides:
os X são mais pesados e só chegam lá por serem preseverantes… eu deixei-os todos passar à frente… mas eles foram ficando pelo caminho 😉

3 06 2011
Rui Rosado

Maria João – quote” I don’t drink beer… what a F@#% waste of climbing”
Rosado – Mraria João doesn’t drink beer as much as I dont breath air… What a F@#% waste of O2.

5 06 2011

Sorry , what is this theme about ?
Ricardo , do you mean a ” waisted ” or a ” wasted existence ” ?
In every way at the times I am climbing , me I like the feeling
of redpointing a ( for me ) hard project and that’s the reason why
I wanna have this feeling again .
And if I would not have met you in some Hollidays , maybe for me
then it could have been a wasted time 😉
Thanks for the very good mood you have allways aired !!!!
Cheerz , Antwon

6 06 2011

Wasted existence… I mean!!
I’m still in a good mood Antwon!
I just feel that if we live our lives only to pleasure ourselves we will not be missed in this world.

6 06 2011
Antwon ( the way you pronounced my real name )

Well , I just can say that I often missed you in my world ( Germany ) as a very ,
very good friend and climbing or sports partner as well . . .
The days I met you and also your friends where special days in my life and
I will never forget them in my life , I hope .
As I can say it was your mood you aired and I hope you met other friends who
are still thinking in the same way .

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