Bike @ Serra da Estrela (1/2)

3 08 2010

06: 57 am, 30-08-2009

Climb:   Torre, Serra da Estrela (1.993m), the highest paved road  in continental Portugal.

                Covilhã (at the very bottom), 463m –  Torre,  Serra da Estrela, 1.993m 

                 [1,530m – 24,7 km – 6,2%]

Distance & Time: 49,63 Km – 2:54h

Time going up /down (only climb): 2:18h – 38m

Average speed up /down: 10,74 km/h  – 39,36Km/h

Max. speed (GPS) and Max. gradient over 1k: 65,3 Km/h – 10%

Conditions: Sun exposure

Pace: Normal / Fast

(Options: lowest/low/normal/fast/very fast)


Starts steep but the difficulty is not very sustained throught the ride. After a hard/steep climb there’s a not so hard section. The hardest section is from Covilhã up to Penhas da Saude. After that, the great scenary and the fresher air make the climbing task easier. Watch out for cow and bulls (especially in the way down)!! Very dangerous to find them after a blind corner!!


In August it is wise to leave early. The most beautiful part of this climb is after Penhas da Saude. For a more scenary ride start in Valhelhas (Manteigas). 


Map & Photos

 …going up (GPS data)

…going down (GPS data)

Photos by Cristiana Matos



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