What’s the risk of going on a DWS climbing day

25 05 2010

Risk exists if results are not certain …

Thus, lets examine two situations of our latest DWS climbing day:

– Passing a red light with the local police (GNR) behind you (when you know they are there).

Analysis: No risk there! You know it is certain that they will stop you for the ticket!

– Entering the water when the ocean doesn’t want you to.

Analysis: No risk there, also! It is certain that things can’t go right. (see photos below)

– “I have an idea! Lets enter the water using Abel (the boat) as a surf board! We run holding it and then, we all jump at the same time inside the boat!”…

Crash test dummys: Pedro, Ricardo  Belchior and João Gaspar.

Ups! How likely would it be that three of us would fall at the same time? Ok, pretty likely, but never the less we weren’t expecting it so early! 🙂

And now the consequences of the mistake…

Auch! Pretty close!

Uff! Safe again!

– Sandra and Dulce: “ahahahhaah, they made it!”

Camera: Miguel Loureiro.





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