Ice and Snow Experiences

1 02 2010


A small chat on the web…

António: What about going to Serra da Estrela on Saturday ? The weather forecast  states low temperatures until Sunday, the ice waterfalls might have formed, and we could leave Lisbon around 6 a.m., climb until we can and, after a drink, return to Lisbon an d arrive around 9 p.m.!?

Me: Looks cool! I’m in!

Me: Miguel are you in?

Miguel: No! You guys are crazy! Didn’t you see the report on the forum? The mountain is naked, no ice nor snow!

Saturday (30th January, 2010) Report 


(I’m not mentioning the time because I’m afraid this blog might be used has a proof for a ticket 🙂 )


Travelling from the night into the day.

Covilhã on sight

This picture was taken after the most risky move of the all day! We were driving through the heart of Covilhã when we saw 2 GNR (Police) Jeeps (one of them had a quad attached to it) and a car all stopped in line. António was in a hurry so he immediately decide to overtake all 4 vehicles! But afer overtaking the first (the car) we realized what we were doing! We were undertaking 4 vehicles where undertaking was not allowed and this vehicles were stopped because they were waiting for the light to go green!!! Ups! I think the cold temperatures and early morning prevented the police from wanting to get out of the Jeeps! (Close call)

9 a.m. –  Arriving from Lisbon at Café Estrela (Manteigas – Serra da Estrela)

A semi-naked mountain still allows some discovery

9:30 – Top rope in the ice-waterfall nearest to the parking lot of  “Cantaro Magro” with a very hard dry tooling on the exit. Thank God that was top rope!! Imagine topping out a boulder on slopers but with piolets!! Jesus!!

António Rappelling on the left + the upper part of my alpine clothes

The lower part of my alpine clothes

António leading the way

 We found a top to mount the top-rope, but as we latter found, it was too much on the right so my first ice climbing experience had a serious risk of hard pendulum!

12:00 – Ensemble climbing

After the ensemble climbing to leave the Cantaro valley and the only sit stop (5m) in 9h of activity António was still in high gear and with no intention of using the brakes! 🙂 

15:00 – “Cascata encaixa” ice-waterfall was not good enough to be climbed so we “discovered?” another, a little bit more to the south, where António led the climb and used, for the first time, my ice screws (he used 5 in total plus some nuts and friends, in the end of the pitch).

“Cascata encaixa” ice-waterfall

Our view

“Cascata encaixa” ice-waterfall, the hole after a first piolet test and the water that was hidden inside.

Self portrait

The climb of the day. António said it would be graded has a IV grade in Scotland.

António finishing the ice climb 

Returning to the car with the day light almost over 🙂

18:30 – Arriving at the starting point by night.

Safely into the car! The best way to finnish a climbing day.

At 18:30 the car measured -2,5º.

We didn’t eat much during the day so before going home we stopped at the McDonalds, and I almost went for a second burger! I only didn’t because I remembered that I still had some bread in the car! 🙂

19:40 – Leaving McDonalds at Covilhã.

Around 22h

 A déjà vu feeling of driving again into Lisbon by night  in the same day.



2 responses

1 02 2010

Epá, a unica coisa que estraga o cenário é o final no McShit!…rejeito! 🙂
…nada como umas tipicas feijocas, ou um belo naco de queijo da Serra para fechar em beleza :))))…com um copo de tinto, pois está claro!

E que continuem as boas experiências!!!!!!

1 02 2010
Rodrigo rodas

Grande Abraço para o António que não o vejo desde o encontro do ano passado dos entalados na barragem de santa Luzia. Foi um belo encontro com direito a karaoke no bar do campismo de Janeiro de baixo =D.

Continuem a apertar


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