Level of the Portuguese Climbing

8 04 2009

Taking advantage of the www.8a.nu database, once more,  I was curious to see where the best five, Male and Female, portuguese climbers (ranked on the www.8a.nu) stand among the best world rock climbers (also, only the ones ranked on that same database).

As of 8th of April 2009, we have the following all time results for the routes rating:

0,8th percentile, 81st of #9695 José Abreu

2,7th percentile, 284th of #9695 André Neres

5,0th percentile, 488th of #9695 Ricardo Belchior

5,2th percentile, 69th of #1324 Isabel Boavida

5,7th percentile, 555th of #9695  Nuno Pinheiro

9,7th percentile, 943# of #9695 Ricardo Neves

15,5th percentile, 205th of #1324 Kimi Kon

28,4th percentile, 376th of #1324 Helena Fialho

30,8th percentile, 408th of #1324  Verónica Dias

35,9th percentile, 475# of #1324 Joana Sousa


If you are in 1st percentile it means that in #100 climbers #1 is as good as you.

If you are in 50th percentile it means that in 100 climbers #50 are as good as you.

The number of portuguese climbers ever registered at 8a.nu database are #133 Males and #12 Females, which compares with a total of #9695 Male and #1324 Female World climbers.
From this last statistics, already some conclusions can be taken:
There are more guys into climbing than girls (common knowledge)! To be more precise 11 guys for 1 girl. Portugal is no different, though it looks like the ratio looks a little better, that is, 7 guys for 1 girl.
Thus, it looks like in terms of quantity the portuguese climbing has, relatively, more girls than the world average.

Nevertheless looking into the results a different conclusion arises. Our girls are not as performance orientated as world climbing girls or as portuguese climbers are! Any ideas why?As for the overall quality, and bearing in mind that only the five best portuguese climbers are here compared with the world climbing population (and not with the 5 best males and females from each country), it seems like a lot of work has yet to be done when only one climber, José Abreu, out of our best ten, has reached a world quality performance (only #8 in #1000 climbers reached such a high performance).

Though especially difficult to compare, when we look to these results side by side with the ones from the International competitions (see @ https://ricardofb.wordpress.com/best-climbers-in-portugal/ )I am tempted to say that we are better in rock climbing than competing!

Future Research

It would be interesting to see the percentage of 10 best routes ever done by each of these best portuguese climbers, done in national soil and abroad!





2 responses

11 04 2009
Rock Climbing Gear and Guides

Interesting ranking for Portuguese climbers, however there are most certainly some other climbers that are unknown to the media that are professional climbers.

13 04 2009

Nevertheless, my though was that it shouldn’t differ very much from elsewhere!

As of 14.04.2009:

In the 8c level, of #4 climbers, 50% are ranked in the 8a.nu
In the 8b+ level, of #1 climbers, 0% are ranked in the 8a.nu
In the 8b level of, #3 climbers, 67% are ranked in the 8a.nu
In the 8a+ level of, #6 climbers, 67% are ranked in the 8a.nu
In the 8a level of, #14 climbers, 36% are ranked in the 8a.nu



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