New Climbing Spot – South of Lisbon

26 03 2009

More or less 50km south of Lisbon you can now find a very good climbing spot for the winter.

The spot’s name is “Meio Mango” and it’s located in Cape Espichel.


From Lisboa take the road that goes through “25 de Abril” Bridge and head South (A2). After driving south for 10 or 15 km (counting from the bridge) you have to turn right heading towards “Sesimbra” and then. Arriving there drive to “Cabo Espichel”. At Cape Espichel (see the picture below) take a left turn and drive straigth ahead as far as you can and, after parking the car, the path that leads you to the cliff begins identified with a red and white mark on a stone. Then, just follow that path until you reach a 20m cliff that can be rappeled.  

Grades (as of 17/3/2009 – it’s growing by the day)

6a,6a+,V+,V+,V,6c+,7b+?,7c+?,6a+,6a, 6a,6a,6b,6c,7a,7b,7b+,7a+,7b+,7c+,7b+,7c+?,7c?,7c?,6c,6c,7b, 8a?,7c+?,8b?,8a,7b,6c?,7c?,7b+?,8a?, 7c+?,8b?,R1 8a+? R2 8c?,R1 7a? R2 8a+?



Courtesy of Nuno Pinheiro

Photo gallery




Meio Mango – A good and still very promissing Climbing Spot.


Ricardo Alves aka “Macau”, relaxing a little bit from photography, here trying a 7b, “Lesionado Abençoado“.


André Neres in a very nice 20m 8a “Margem Sul“.


Ricardo Belchior in the middle of “Margem Sul“..


Filipe Silva beginning  “Margem Sul“.


Try to leave early to avoid traffic jams!!


Specially if you brougth someone with you. Sometimes they complain and they are right! 😉

Climbers: André Neres and Marcia


The after climbing experience…


DJ included!!

The best pictures (with the water mark) are from Ricardo Alves and one from Rita Silva…

You can see more at:





2 responses

5 04 2009

Epa, estou com uma vontade de largar esta mentalided kung fuesca de treino e poder ir escalar ai no meio mango…. da-seeeee Mas agora estou de volta na Florida e tenho que inventar maneiras de treinar!! Arghhhhh!!!!

6 04 2009

Aquilo no Meio Mango vai deixar o pessoal mais dedicado entretido durante bastante tempo!


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