Maybe the best climbing gym for bouldering in Iberia (Now Closed)

3 03 2009

(Now Closed)

This Thursday (5/03/2009), and after a long fasting, “BoulderArea” will finally open. I have already visit some climbing gyms in Europe and this is the best I ever been to train for boulder! It is not very big but the quality and diversity of both the walls and the climbing holds make it a very good tool to take the portuguese climbers to the next level.

The next link takes you to Alexandre Páris’ photos of the place (taken from this year’s first boulder competition, that was held there).

How to get there

It is located in Odivelas, North of Lisbon, and the best way to arrive there is by Subway (in portuguese is called “Metro”). With this transportation, take the yellow line, almost to its end, and leave in the “Sr. Roubado” station. After that, it’s just 5 minutes walking.



If you have any questions use this e-mail adress:

André Neres (the climber in charge of the place) will gladly help you.

See you there  😉




3 responses

5 10 2009
Anne Haug

What are the opening hours of the boulder area?

27 10 2009

Boulder Area is open from 14h to 24h. (Monday to Saturday)
On Saturdays you should confirm with André Neres that the place is open using the following e-mail:



25 10 2011

It has been closed for a while now!

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