Albarracin 2008/09

31 01 2009

Where are we going for the New Year’s Day?

Some friends were going to Albarracin so we decided to go and meet them.

Meeting spot was the bungalow at Albarracin Camping.

The next picture was taken  just before we were presented to our last meal of the year

(cheffs: Verónica e Mário). 


… Although, has usual, he was complaining the boulder was too hard for him, Gonçalo was doing much better than me until my last (and successful) try. But I think he just liked it too much. When he felt that he could do it, something inside him must have said: don’t go there! Afterwords you can no longer play with it! 🙂 


Climber: Gonçalo (the very weak one) in Supernafamacho, 7b+

Hands and arms: Teresa

Teresa, also preferred Gonçalo’s strategy. 😉


Climber: Teresa on a 6b on the left of Supernafamacho

Spotters: Mr.’s Madrock and Beal 


Photo: Cristiana Matos

Climber: Ricardo Belchior in “As Ciegas”, 7a+/9b  🙂

Photo: Ricardo Alves (Macau)

It was very hot has you can guess by the picture. What you wouldn’t guess is that the smile would very soon leave my face! When someone spoke about the Techos (roofs) sector my thought was: excellent let’s go there, lets go “home”. But this feeling was far from being fulfilled! The moves were very very long and by coincidence, at that time, there were only very tall guys climbing!! I’ve never felt so short! Almost a 1,73m midget!!

Carla was trying to make some small movies about our bouldering but, that day, the longest result was a 2″ or 3″ seconds’ movie.  😛


Photo: Cristiana Matos

Summary: Nice friends, bad weather, good boulders, long drive.

Conclusion: Next time we have stay there more time!



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