Boulder Competition, Portuguese National Cup – 2008

30 09 2008

This weekend in a small village called Soure occurred the first Boulder competition after the summer holidays. Near 70 climbers participated and here is how it went…

The Crowd waits impatiently for the climbers…

The jury explains the problem (to Rute 2nd)…

The jury insists but the climber (Marisa 3rd) doesn’t belive him…

Isabel Stronger than ever (the winner)…

Rute explaining how the feet should only be used as the last resource…

Marisa: “Come here little hold… I want harm you!!!

The Guys were impressed…

Photographer (Macau) and the speaker (Meco)…

Village people (Mario & Bibs), praying to God that the route setter (Júlio Braga) would give them easier boulders than the ones that girls got…

The day after… Redinha and Buracas

Isabel relaxing on a 6c+ (Fotogénica) in Redinha 

Final Results:


1st- José Abreu

2nd- Leopoldo Faria

3rd- André Neres

(5th – Ricardo Belchior)


1st- Isabel Boavida

2nd- Rute Delgado

3rd- Marisa Correia



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