Summer Vacations (Part III)

17 09 2008




5 responses

25 09 2008

Hi Ricardo!
How’s it going? I was so glad to tumble on this page. Keep the good work on. This place looks awesome!

p.s.: ahh, i am still remembering eating snakes with you guys, that was cool..

25 09 2008

Hello there,

Very nice to ear from you also!
How is climbing in Hungry?
Say hello to your friends, cosin and grandmother for me.
Don’t forget if you want to visit Portugal again you have a place to stay.



P.s. Not Snakes! Snales! :-)))

30 09 2008

Yeah, definitely no snakes, rather snails ;).

Thanks, i also hope to see you again on our rally track to our climbing spot!


1 10 2008

That was a very funny rally track!
I also didn’t forget that…
My Jeep looked like a piece of mud with four wheels


22 09 2009

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