Summer Vacations (part II)

11 09 2008


Route: Tiempos Nuevos Tiempos Selvagens: 6a, 6a+, 6b, 6c, 6c+ (150m), Mallo Pison

The Mallo Fire

The “where is Wally photo”

Climber: J. Emílio

Climber: J. Alexandre

After doing the 6c carrying some weight I had to stretch a little beet before leading the final pitch of 6c+.

You could wander… What is a guy with a boulder t-shirt doing so far from the ground 🙂

We decided to put the rope where J. Emílio had the best holds… That’s why we looks in trouble!

Here we were arriving to the car that was no more than 5m from the wall. (Night rapel)

The day after the climb we’ve got the deserved rest.

Next in Summer Vacations (Part III): Rodellar



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