Summer Vacations (Part I)

6 09 2008

From Lisbon to Baltzola cave are more or less 850 km and, thought it doesn’t look very near, when you (like we) divide the driving effort by the three car occupants it actually feels quite near! I had already been in this cave before and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Here are some photos of me trying White Zombie (the first 8c I’ve ever tried)…


Photos by J. Emílio and J. Alexandre

Next in Summer Vacations (Part II): Riglos



4 responses

6 09 2008

“Now, the real project, is to became stronger than I was in our last year’s summer vacations!” i can say without doubt that you´ve accomplished this goal.
Congratulations titan 😉


6 09 2008

In this vacations I’ve ended up focusing more on new and different experiences (like to get to know some harder routes or to try to onsight more vertical routes) than on searching for the best suited routed for me to do!

Stronger I’m not sure but more experienced and all around climber yeah.

Sorry we didn’t get to meet in Portugal!

Best Greetings

A muerte tio


10 09 2008

Oi Belchior!! Bom receber noticias tuas!!! E as fotos sao excelentes, via louca, keep posting!

18 09 2008

Gracias Bruno

Que tal os estudos? Eu começo agora o meu PHd…



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