Deep Water Solo 2008

24 07 2008

Temperatures in Portugal haven’t been the same as they were in recent years and, maybe for that, this year people haven’t been so interested in deep water soloing has they already have been… Nevertheless, last weekend we went for it!

The boat trip began in Sesimbra and ended at Pinheirinhos bay. The tide was at its highest and the air temperature was low (around 25º) but, as the water was not much colder (around 18º), it became a very good day to fall (maybe that’s why we’ve fallen in the harder climbs 😉 ).

The climbing team (climbers and logistics personal) was great, and included myself (Ricardo Belchior), João Gaspar, Teresa and Cristiana. And, when this team is together in high tide conditions be assured that fun it’s garanteed…


…see for example:

Here is some info:

The topo from the “Reis Magos” sector and its 3 routes (I have the FA for these 3):

1- Ouro, 6b/c

2- Incenso, 7a/b

3- Mirra, 7a/b (only possible in low tide conditions)

A couple of nice photos taken from the First Ascent of Incenso…


Photos: João Gaspar

Greetings and great climbs




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