30 03 2008

Though “Tai” people are super nice and warm, and the scenery is of extreme beauty I have to say Thailand, as an international climbing spot, was a little beet a disappointment for me!Let me try some kind of justification before everyone crucifies me!


Well it looked a super spot to do DWS (deep water solo) but even for this discipline I prefer colder water and drier air, so that one can be punished for the failures and dry faster between falls! J


If you, as me, think that boulder is not an all year discipline. Then, you probably won’t find bouldering in Thailand a very interesting experience. It’s too hot and humid, and if you go to the famous spots (like Tonsai) you will probably find it too polished also.


Climbing on tufas and stalactites was one of my favorite types of climbing… And I say was because just by looking to the walls I got an overdose of these types of holds… You hardly can spot a line that doesn’t have any tufa!! I think if lived there my favorite type of climbing would be pockets and reglets!

This feeling reminded me of the one I had experienced when I went to Ceüse (for me also a disappointment), where there is a big wall pulverized with holds where you can draw a line almost anywhere!! I think in both cases, Tonsai and Ceüse, the problem for me is that it is hard to find a very distinct line that you look from the ground, even at some distance, that makes you say immediately: “I want to climb through there!”! 

  Please notice that:

– My travel to Thailand happened in March with temperatures between 30 and 40 Cº;  

– I didn’t go there to climb and didn’t see much more than the Railay & Tonsai beach areas;

– I didn’t do much more than to look at the routes! I did some traverses and solos to the first part of a couple of short routes.I leave you with some photos from  the area…


Photo: Tonsai beach


Photo: This girl his looking for something, so surely she isn’t looking for tufas… 🙂



Photos: Local climber (I presume) showing how you don’t need cold temperatures to catch the slopers…




Photos: Thats me trying to traverse (photos by Cristiana)


Photo: This slack line was too high for me (scary falls)…



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7 04 2008

Exagerando um pouco:
Se alguém vier a Portugal no verão e escalar a Equilíbrio na Guia à chapa do sol e concluir:
Portugal é demasiado quente para escalar, as vias são curtas, de calcário e sebosas.
O que achas dessas conclusões?

8 04 2008

Vou concluir que: se calhar, no Verão, Portugal (e especialmente a Guia) talvez não seja o melhor destino de férias para escalar.
E foi exactamente por achar que a minha observação teve um certo enviesamento devido à época e a outros factores especificos da minha visita que eu, no final do post, faço questão de enunciar os pressupostos da minha análise!

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