How to climb abroad if you are alone?

30 01 2008

How to climb abroad if you are alone? … a possibility: e-mail someone in that country that you can relate to climbing and hope for the best!  Here’s how it went last time:
Hi Ricardo,
my name is Peter Horning, i will be in Lisboa just for a weekend, i want to climb 3 days, (…). I have no car, and i just bring shoes and harness, what are the best possibilities? I don’t know anything in Lisboa. I originally planned this weekend for going to (…), but as an addicted climber for over 25 years i have to climb.
Thanks, Peter

Next photos…
Climber: Peter Horning (Netherlands)
Climb: 7c On Sight “O meu nome é tótó” – Fenda (Portugal)

Next photos:
Climber: Ricardo Belchior
Climb: 8b “Ou vai à racha” – Fenda
You’re welcome Peter!



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12 04 2008

” Hi Ricardo,

my name is … 9b, I can be in Lisboa just for a weekend or 3 days, when You want.
I have no car, just shoes and harness, would You climb with me ?
As an addicted climber for over 20 years, I like to travel to climb.

9b ”

… 😉
I created a website for climbers with the same spirit.
I’m writing You not for spam, but for giving ALL climbers in the world something USEFUL:
there are and could be SO MANY climbers as Peter and me.

Ciao !

18 09 2008
peter horning

Hi Ricardo, how are you? It is fun to see this page.. i exidently fell on it hahaha, it was a surprise to see me on your page. Anyway, i exidently formated my pc, so i lost your e-mail. I was thinking of comming to Lisboa again in oktober. Do you or one of your friends have any plans? Anyway, if you see this, can you send me your e-mail?


18 09 2008

Hello Peter,

Nice to hear from you! This month and October will be very difficult months for me because of work, but tell me before coming, I’m sure I can find you someone to climb with you!



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