Climbing, training, something in between and doping

16 01 2008


Photo: Ricardo Alves “Macau”


Climbing, training, something in between and doping

Climbing, training and something in between or doping

Climbing and training, something in between or doping

What is doping? What is the principle from which someone decides that?

Something that artificially increases the athletes’ performance!?

Do you…

eat pasta the day before a hard climbing?

train in a rock gym?

do height lifting?

do campus or master grip?

eat/drink energetic bars/juices during the climbing day?

drink coffee in the morning to wake up from a state of lethargy?

take analgesics to stop the pain that wouldn’t enable you to climb?

train at high altitude to increase the level of oxygenation of your blood?

do electro stimulation?

take vitamins supplements?

smoke cannabis to improve relaxation during your performance?

take creatine?

take cocaine to improve your self-esteem?

take anabolics like nandrolona?


How clear is your definition of what is and what is not artificial? How far did you get on this list before you say: “hey, this is doping!”?


The burocrat will shout: doping is what the World Anti-Doping Agency says it is! So before it is written that caffeine is forbidden lets take it like there’s no tomorrow!


…It’s a possible and justifiable view, but I prefer to think. I have to confess that the line I draw precedes the legal one!


You might say, I climb for myself so it shouldn’t be anyone’s concern what do I take or not… But the truth is, you won’t keep your self from showing off your greatest deeds and, even if you could, you will be fooling yourself when you look to your partners to find how good you really are.  



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