2007 Review

9 01 2008


Photo: Mark Xavier 

Climber: Ricardo Belchior in Toy for the boys 7c+


In retrospective here’s how I rank my most significant climbing achievements in 2007:

1st – 69th Lead (of #115) in the Aviles 2007 World Cup;

2nd – On-sight climbing: Made in Mascun 7c+ and Viejas Glorias 7c+;

3rd – Red-point of UHU Stick 8a+ and of Família Manson 8a+;

4th – 3rd place in the 2006/2007 national championship for boulder climbing;

5th – Boulder: First 7a+ and 7b flash (Salto Olímpico and Rosa Negra, respectively)

Also of relevance was the…

 1st place in the 2006/2007 national cup for lead climbing (though the only competition was in 2006);

16-Dez, where I’ve done, in less than 2 hours, a 7b boulder in flash, a hard 7b+ boulder and a 7c boulder in less than 30 minutes. (Spot: Pedra do Urso)

8-Sept, where I’ve done, in one day, one 7a+ OS, one 7b+ OS, two 7c OS and an 8a in my second try. (Spot: Rodellar)

Looking back I can’t say I’m unhappy, but the main feeling I have as I write this post is more of the type… I want more! 😉



2 responses

12 01 2008

estou certo que 2008 vai ser ainda melhor 😉

venga titan


13 01 2008

Titan é muito bom!! Há outra expressão quase ao nivel de titan que é venga fera 🙂

Abraço e cuidado com as más companhias que campus em monodedos é claramente pouco saudável!



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