Lead – 2007 National Competition

3 01 2008

Main thought for this competition year:

When I finish a boulder competition my arms are pumped and when I finish my lead climb I feel like I just done a long boulder… Maybe I should reconsider my training strategy.

Here are some photos from the Lead – 2007 National Competition that occurred in Guarda city.


The future is finally arriving to our national competitions. Be welcome!


Very strong and determined the national juvenile champion


Isabel Boavida keeps ruling in our nationals


Sílvio Morgado always someone to watch in a competition


After the first competition day… nothing like a good dinner to relax and enjoy some of the other pleasers of life


Photo: Mark Xavier

This is Nuno Carneiro (vice-champion) in is mutant Popeye style


Photo: Mark Xavier

There I was… looking to do something that didn’t happen


Photo: Mark Xavier 

André Neres the national champion for 2007, the best by far on this competition. Lets hope he keeps training until the next international competition!


After the competition some of us were still looking to justify the hard training sessions. Luis Carlos “Bibs” trying to do the classic “Rosa Negra”, a 7b of Pedra do Urso in good grip conditions (-1º C)  



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