Motivation – do’s and don’ts

14 11 2007



How many times did you feel you were sure you would do the next route onsight (and did it)? And how many times have you tried a route (possible for you) knowing that you would fall (and you fell)? Is it a common place for you that because you had no success trying your friend’s boulder you think you are out of shape, and in the same day you manage to do a hard move that no one else does and next thing you know you are feeling unbeatable?


Be aware of your motivation level and manage it! Here are some topics of reflection for your next climbing session…


If you are feeling unbeatable call home saying you will be late 🙂 . Even if you are tired you will still have a pretty good probability of excelling; 

If you are not feeling in good shape try:

New and if possible different types/styles of climbs;

To experiment future projects that you think would require you to go there several times even if you were fit (some routes need time to be done, and this learning period you don’t need to be in top shape);

If the problem is lack of training, try to lower your climbing level (grade) and increase the number of climbs per day, this way you go home with some success and regain your climbing motivation;

 When working on a project (a hard route for you), give it a rest if you starting to get bored, or if you feel there’s no clear improvement from the former tries; If you can’t, try forget how good or bad the moves before the crux went… always focus on each move rather than “this wasn’t perfect” or “…if I do this I will beat my record!”  


Forget to do the do’s

If the problem is weight, besides trying to solve it, don’t measure your weight too often. In this way you will not overemphasize this issue in your head;

If you are not feeling in good shape don’t compete with people who usually have your climbing level;

If you feel you won’t be able to succeed in your next climb, don’t go there until you know you can or you will;


Please comment your methods and suggestions 🙂



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