Rodellar Set-2007

13 09 2007

My summer climbing vacations – Rodellar in Spain 2007


Right after my climbing course I went to a climbing trip with some friends. In this trip we went to some crags in Spain, and one of those was Rodellar… I remember then looking at a very long and steep route called Egocentrismo! I wondered then if I could, some day, do that route…  7 years later, I returned to that same place hopping to do it. Well, Dream became reality! I onsighted Egocentrismo! Much more than a number or even a name, I felt like I onsighted something that once was a dream!


Baltzola! One of my favorite climbing spots! Beside everything else it is distinct, you feel different (not just weak 🙂 ), you feel like you want to be strong enough to climb there. If anyone wants motivation to train harder drop by this Spanish (Basque) crag… This photo refers to Black Kongi 8a+ (the beginning of White Zombi 8c – this one was wet so I had a good excuse not to try it).


 Overhangs make me smile 🙂


The sector Boulder de Jon, with “Steil ist geil” 7a+, provided a hard beginning for my last day at Rodellar… One of the best climbing days of this vacations: 7a+(OS), 7c (OS), 8a (2nd go), 7c (OS), 7b+ (OS).


Our friendly camping neighbors Maria, Jordi, Saida, Silvia. (Next to José and João my climbing partners).


I have to get me one of those. Just like climbing… hard but possible!


In Familia Manson cave, “indigestion de setas” 7b+


Nice light captured while taking my lunch break near the “Fuente” sector. I think this can be a nice photo to finish. I’ll Be Back Rodellar! I’ll Be Back!



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